Simoco’s history of innovation in mission-critical communications spans from delivering military-grade radio communications in the years before the Second World War. They have led the development of new radio standards and protocols, such as DMR, MPT1327, POCSAG and TETRA, and have been instrumental in shaping the wider telecommunications and emerging digital communications landscapes.

The company’s goal is to provide an end-to-end unified communications offering, helping organisations to consolidate voice, data and other applications on seamless centralised networks. In this way, it enables organisations to future-proof their communications, giving a complete view of the entire communications network, and providing a clear migration path to next-generation digital communications standards.

Simoco Wireless Solutions is proud to operate at the forefront of the digital communications revolution, helping to create the frameworks and protocols that underpin next-generation standards such as 4G, LTE and IoT.

The company works with a range of customers, including national governments. Through deep domain knowledge, Simoco Wireless Solutions ensures organisations have the best technologies in place to support their business and operational objectives.

Ultimately, its solutions underpin the essential services of a modern economy and its citizens.